Cordless Battery Hydraulic Pumps FPT BATT
Hydrauliczne pompy z akumulatorem wysokociśnieniowe serii FPT BATT
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Cordless Battery Hydraulic Pumps FPT BATT

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Cordless Battery Hydraulic Pumps, series FPT BATT represents the perfect solution for operations requiring low weight, portability and speed. These 700 bar battery operated hydraulic pumps are cordless and therefore perfect for remote applications, at construction sites or work sites without access to the power supply. They are also an excellent choice for applications within factories where there is a need for an ergonomic, easy-to-use and small-sized product. Those pumps are cordless and perfect in environments where there is a danger of tripping.
They can be used with FPT small and medium size single-acting hydraulic cylinders, with extra flat, compact, hollow cylinders, with locking ring and with all hydraulic tools such as hydraulic nuts splitters, spreaders or others.
The ergonomic design and low weight make this pump the perfect tool for all jobs, also the carrying handle and the shoulder strap allow excellent handling.
The tank available in two variants of 0.6 and 1 liter.

  • Cordless Battery Hydraulic Pumps for operating single acting cylinders and tools.
  • Cordless Battery Hydraulic Pumps with double stage configuration to maximize efficiency during operations.
  • Battery powered: light, portable and equipped with shoulder strap for maximum Handling.
  • Start button is located on the handle for easy use.
  • The battery is lithium ion. Battery and battery charger are accessories that can be ordered separately.
  • The optimal temperature range is 15 ° C ÷ 40 ° C. The oil to be used is ISO VG-10 mineral hydraulic.
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