Controller JetSafeControlMobile 720
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Controller JetSafeControlMobile 720

The JSCM-7xx is the new generation of safety controllers based on microcontrollers of the Infineon Aurix® family. With this CPU family, available as multi- or single-core, two powerful CPU cores are available for your applications. The used Safety RTOS and the JSCM API allow FS and non-FS applications in the JSCM-720 to run on the same CPU core. This allows simultaneous manual load balancing of the application tasks without blocking the CPU core for FS applications. Once FS applications have been created, they remain untouched and are separated in the system. Combined with agile software development methods, such as SCRUM, the JSCM-720 simplifies and streamlines the development of non-FS software. The application software is conveniently created in C/C++ programming language and transferred via the Jetter diagnostic tool.

The hardware implementation of the JSCM-720 follows the models of the proven JCM-5xx family. The design as central controller with gateway function is also reflected in the I/O configurations: From the high-performance motor control with up to 35 A in the H-bridge to the safety-compliant supply for remote I/O with CAN expansion modules, such as JXM-IO-E3x, numerous I/O constellations can be implemented. Four CAN interfaces and dual port BroadR-Reach 100BASE-T1 complete the concept. Jetter Diagnostic Tooling supports you with wide-ranging functions, even in the field, and lets you create applications in no time.

The JSCM-720 is certified according to the current FS regulations for mobile automation. Certification and the specifications from the Safety Manual enable you to optimally implement the FS requirements resulting from the risk analyses of the devices.

Product features

  • Certified Cat2 safety controller for performance levels up to PL d
  • FS and non-FS applications can run on any core simultaneously
  • Manual load balancing of application tasks across all CPU cores possible
  • No core assignment of safety applications necessary
  • Agile software development possible despite safety requirements
  • Powerful Infineon Aurix® CPU with different performance levels
  • Output power of up to 35 A can be configured via blockable output channels
  • Programming in C/C++ with open toolchain based on Eclipse
  • Debugging in the field possible with the device closed
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