Controller JetControlMobile 631
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Controller JetControlMobile 631

The multi-monitor controller JCM-631 combines outstanding video features with high-performance HMI and PLC disciplines in one system.

A powerful dual core 32-bit CPU with 1 GHz clock rate forms the heart of the automotive automation functions. Four CAN interfaces, Gbit Ethernet connectivity, USB, LIN, and RS232 offer high connectivity for complex architectures.

The visualization takes place on 2 high-resolution displays each controlled via LVDS interfaces with one connector per display being sufficient. A host of supported display formats and configurations allow a high flexibility in the arrangement of the screens.

6 camera images from 8 camera channels can be processed simultaneously in one FPGA with minimal latency. The images can be freely scaled, cut, positioned or superimposed with graphic and text elements. This way, operating concepts exceeding the level of integration into modern middle-class cars can be physically established in special-purpose vehicles with moderate application expense.

The IEC-61131-3-compliant programming language STX, a plug-in for programming in C, and scalable vector graphics support by JetViewSoft offer a highly efficient workflow for control and visualization. The JCM-631 is available with ISOBUS stack.

Product features:
■ iMX6, 800 MHz,
■ 1 GB RAM,
■ 1 GB flash memory (available to the user),
■ Programming to IEC 61131-3 using STX or in C/C++,
■ 8 cameras,
■ 2x FPD-LinkII-OUT,
■ 3 digital inputs,
■ 2 digital outputs,
■ 4x CAN,
■ USB,
■ RS-232,
■ Ethernet.


  • Powerful PLC with high connectivity
  • Excellent HMI features on two displays
  • Free positioning, size adjustment and scaling of 6 camera images
  • Integrated programming environment to IEC-61131-3 JetSym and JetViewSoft
  • Plug-in for programming in C or 3rd party software
  • Can be updated via USB flash drive
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