Controller JetControlMobile 511
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Controller JetControlMobile 511

The semi-modular compact controller JetControlMobile 511 is based on the modular JCM-521 series. Due to its vast I/O capacity featuring high-performance H-bridges, PWM outputs, flexibly applicable inputs and high total ampacity, even its basic configuration is already sufficient for numerous applications. Besides hydraulic actuators, it can even directly control electric motors. Extensibility by two MX modules allows for easily adjusting to a great variety of functions and applications.

Besides standard ports and interfaces, the JCM-511 is equipped with inputs apt for NAMUR, as well as with a LIN port. This way, it can be integrated into almost any systems architecture.

The high-level language STX to IEC 61131-3 lets you realize virtually any control task. Programming in C/C++ is possible, too.


  • 32-bit controller, 500 MHz
  • Programming to IEC 61131-3 STX or in C/C++
  • Partially modular I/O configuration for high flexibility
  • CAN, USB, LIN and RS232 port for high connectivity
  • Compact design
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