Check Valves series RKVE-03
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Check Valve Cartridges for Manifold Block

Check Valves series RKVE-03

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [l/min]


The ball check valve of the RKVE series is characterized by its particularly compact design. The valve is sealed by a metallic sealing edge. The spring-loaded ball check valve is very robust, very tight and dirt-resistant. Valve seat, ball and body are hardened. The hydraulic flow is blocked in the direction of tightening (B to A) and released in the opposite direction.

  • Screw-in cartridge valve
  • No soft seal, thus not depending on temperature and pressure fluid
  • Exceptionally high Qmax with extremely low Δp
  • Virtually leak-proof in closed condition
  • Compact, customary cavity type
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