Check Valve Cartridge series RVPA
zawory zwrotne RVP-10
Check Valve Cartridges

Check Valve Cartridge series RVPA

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The check valves, series RVP…, are size 10, screw-in valves with an M24x1,5 mounting thread. The poppet seat design ensures that the valves are leak-tight from B to A. Available are different types with a fixed opening pressure. All external parts of the screw-in valves are zinc-nickel plated, and are thus suitable for use in the harshest operating environments. These valves are mainly used in mobile and industrial applications where leak-free shut-off in one direction is important. For self-assembly, please refer to the section related data sheets.

  • Screw-in cartridge valve
  • For cavity DC
  • All external parts with zinc-nickel coating according to DIN EN ISO 19598
  • Installation in threaded port body type DC-12
  • High flow rates with low Δp
  • Seat tight shut-off
  • Various opening pressures
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