Bypass Pressure Compensator series WDWVPB-2
kompensatory cisnienia nabojowe WDWVPB-2
Pressure cartridge compensators

Bypass Pressure Compensator series WDWVPB-2

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [l/min]


These two-stage bypass pressure compensator cartridges, series WDWVPB-2… / WDWVPZ-2… are size 10, electrically controlled, screw-in, cartridges with M42x2 mounting thread. The cartridges have a seated pilot stage, and the main stage is designed on the sliding-spool principle. Three models can be supplied, with compensator spring settings of 8 bar (version “B”) or 5 bar (version “Z“). Due to the fixed compensator-spring setting, the control pressure difference between inlet and outlet pressure in hy draulic circuits – for example, across a throttle (an orifice) is maintained at a constant level. This means that the flow rate is independent of the load pressure at the actuator. The compensator cartridges are also provided with an integral pressure-relief function, available in 3 different pressure ranges. The A  B pressure-relief function requires a dam ping orifice before the port Z. A suitable orifice is already in corporated in the screw-in cartridge and is therefore not needed in the manifold block. Pilot oil is drained internally to port 2.

  • Choice of 5 or 8 bar compensator spring
  • Integral pressure-relief function is available in 3 different pressure ranges
  • External remote-control port Z with integral damping orifice
  • With internal pilot-oil drain to port B
  • High flow rates
  • Excellent stability over the whole pressure and flow range
  • High pressure wet-armature solenoids
  • The slip-on coil can be rotated, and it can be replaced without opening the hydraulic envelope
  • Various plug-connector systems and voltages are available
  • All exposed parts with zinc-nickel plating
  • Can be fitted in a line-mounting body
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