Axial Piston Pumps AX
Pompa tłoczkowa serii AX
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Axial Piston Pumps AX

Pressure [bar]


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AX is the innovative piston pump series, designed and industrialized to match newest requirements of electric machines with variable speed drives. The AX piston pump is available in different sizes with displacement ranges form 18 to 122 cc and with single, two or four quadrant operation. Various combinations with tandem pumps are possible as well.


  • 500 bar maximum pressure
  • Silent working
  • Low levels of vibration and pulsation
  • No minimum speed limits
  • Highest overall efficiency in the market, up to 96% total
  • Very high mechanical efficiency
  • Very high starting torque at 0 rpm, up to 99% nominal value
  • Low heating generation
  • Compact design, high power density
  • Robust and long life
  • Machine optimization or downsizing (installed power, battery capacity or cooling system)


  • Electric mobile machines
  • Earth moving machines
  • Construction machinery
  • Material handling machines
  • Fork lift trucks
  • High performance power-packs and power units
  • eh-PTO
  • Industrial applications with variable speed drives
  • Industrial presses or servo-presses
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