Directional Valves series HDS14
rozdzielacze hydrauliczne sekcyjne HDS14
Sectional Directional Valves

Directional Valves series HDS14

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [L/min]


Series HDS directional control valves represents a flexible unit construction, the elements of which may be combined into one valve unit as required.

They are available in 9 different sizes, and with parallel, serial, serial/parallel,  Load Sensing and Flow Sharing circuitry. In addition, the range includes inlet and intermediate flow control sections with either manual or electro-proportional operators. Where accurate control of speed and actuator position is needed, the valves satisfy the most complex hydraulic circuit requirements.

  • Wide choice of hydraulic circuitry and maximum flexibility
  • Electrical and mechanical operators can be combined in the same valve
  • Spools can be customised with differing metering ranges
  • By-pass solenoid valve and manual safety control in order to prevent unauthorised movement of actuators
  • Wide range of valve sections with flow control and priority flow control
  • Fluid temperature: from -20 to +80 °C
  • Viscosity operating range: 15 – 75 mm²/s (cSt)
  • Max contamination level: 21/19/16 – ISO 4406:1999 (NAS 1638 class 10)
  • Max contamination level for electro-hydraulic applications: 20/18/15 – ISO 4406:1999 (NAS 1638 class 9)
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