Cast iron external gear pump AP/APR212HP BUCHER
Pompa o zazębieniu zewnętrznym AP/APR212HP Bucher
Cast iron external gear pumps

Cast iron external gear pump AP/APR212HP BUCHER

Pressure [bar]


Displace­ment [cm3/rev]


The product range of Bucher Hydraulics includes single pumps 05-100-212-212HP-250HP-312HP (corresponding with the common group denominations: 05-1-2-2.5-3) and several combinations of double pumps, triple pumps, and so on, that can be assembled together according to versions of displacement, flanging, and auxiliary valves.


  • High overall efficiency thanks to optimised hydraulic compensation
  • Design and materials that guarantee excellent technical specifications and long life service
  • Optimum quality/price ratio
  • Customised models can be built for specific applications:
  • Dedicated front covers to improve mechanical and life performances in case of radial/axial loads
  • Dedicated back covers with integrated circuits to control pressure and flow.


  • Single pumps, unidirectional
  • Single pumps, reversible
  • Aluminium and cast iron versions
  • Double and triple pumps, unidirectional, in several configurations.
  • With integral flow or pressure control valve .
  • With outrigger bearing for axial and radial loads.


  • Tractors
  • Agricultural machines
  • Earth moving machines
  • Lift trucks
  • Construction machinery
  • Front loaders
  • Sweepers
  • Hydraulic hoists
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