Internal Gear Pumps QXP
Internal gear pumps

Internal Gear Pumps QXP

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The QXP series has been specially developed for metering and conveying the fluids used in polyurethane production. Thanks to the hydrodynamic and hydrostatic bearing support for the ring gear, the pump can be operated with low, as well as with very high, viscosities, and at low speeds. QXP pumps are therefore particularly suitable for variable-speed drives with exacting requirements for precision metering. In addition, the enlarged sealing surfaces enable high efficiencies to be achieved.

  • Maximum working pressure up to 250 bar
  • Wide range of displacements up to 500 cm3/rev
  • Metering of fluids in polyurethane production
  • Suitable for fluids such as polyol and isocyanate
  • Optional additional plain-bearing lubrication for maximum operational reliability
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